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Aug 06

Give the Short Story Another Shot -


We have a book club (of sorts) at Litographs. And while we have varied interests and balance nights spent reading with TV or movies, a lot of our loose change around here goes towards books. We’re always looking to pick up an old copy of a title we carry or share a new release with the team.

Jul 25


Jul 11

of the mother

Isn’t that the duty
of the mother,

to fill you
with her own life,

enough to get you
from her world to the next,

the first faint thump
not the only time

you’ll impersonate her.

Jul 08

Found in a book -



Each time we pick up a book, we’re seeking kinship. Maybe seeking is the wrong word — it’s more like the hands-off guidance a parent gives, the kind where we learn a lesson, but don’t realize our parents gave us all the tools to solve the puzzle and then let us do it on our own. From a young…

Jun 27

they make waves

i heard
we descend
from mermaids
with fish allergies,
no longer bi-curious
as they make waves
in kiddie pools
feasting on land animals
that might speak
were they alive
to protest
such unnatural demise.

Jun 24

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.” — Khalil Gibran, Poems
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Jun 23

in the lines

Latent in the lines
of your hands, all that you clutch
falls through your fingers.

Jun 21

eating seems

Once you’ve had that taste
(the bite that resists
slightly before relenting

the sound of its crunch
long gone by the time
juice runs down your chin)

and once it’s gone,
nothing remaining
but a pale stain on one cheek,

eating seems a chore.

May 17

“When you’re a young writer, you just want someone to look at you and say, She’s a poet. It feels like being called a mermaid or a griffin or something.” — Paris Review - The Art of Memoir No. 1, Mary Karr (via leopoldgursky)

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May 16

alone in May

It was a day for loving,
where the sun apologized
for not leaving a note

and you know you’ll take it back
because you can absolve
someone for leaving in December,

but being alone in May
is preposterous.