In Order of Appearance

Apr 18

Do you know why the moon can’t come out tonight?

It’s 3am,
do you know where
your sleeping pills are?

Do you know
why the moon can’t come
out tonight?

If it were up to me,
I’d’ve had a newer, brighter moon
in the sky ages ago.

Complacency grows like barnacles
where the tide doesn’t look,
but still expects to see.

Mar 31

Can BuzzFeed book quizzes actually reveal what we want out of stories? -



If you have a burning question, chances are there’s a Buzzfeed quiz for you.

If you want to know which classic author is your soulmate, there’s a quiz for that. If you want to find out who killed Roger Rabbit, there might be a quiz for that. And if there’s a quiz to help me find my…

Mar 29

True Life: I'm too tired and the internet is too interesting to read a book tonight -



This is the part of the program where I admit it’s taking me entirely too long to finish a book. I’ve had 3 flights and 2 substantial car rides to cover 500 pages and IT’S. JUST. NOT. HAPPENING.

The worst part? Telegraph Avenue a great book. The language is knowledgeable, hip, and rife…

Etymology: Funambulist -


The first time I came across “funambulist” I was really hoping it was the formal name of the guy who shows up at your birthday party to tie balloon animals.


I was wrong, but still impressed that it’s the name for a tightrope-walking daredevil (something we discourage you from incorporating…

“I want all my secrets back” — six word story (via guy)

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Gif of the Day

Gif of the Day

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Mar 21

Cold as Stone

The sun only rises
to let me know we’ve spent
another day apart.

This bed, cold as stone,
sends me out to pick apples - 
perhaps I’ll find you in the trees.

Mar 07

Poetry Friday

A Kind of Magic

He poured wine
like he watered tulips,

wondering if the way she stirred the sauce
was a kind of magic

holding his gaze
until the heat of her fingertips

moved from the stove
to light a candle.

Mar 05


Feb 15


The Great Grammar Debate: Lay vs. Lie


The Great Grammar Debate: Lay vs. Lie