In Order of Appearance

Jun 23

in the lines

Latent in the lines
of your hands, all that you clutch
falls through your fingers.

Jun 21

eating seems

Once you’ve had that taste
(the bite that resists
slightly before relenting

the sound of its crunch
long gone by the time
juice runs down your chin)

and once it’s gone,
nothing remaining
but a pale stain on one cheek,

eating seems a chore.

May 17

“When you’re a young writer, you just want someone to look at you and say, She’s a poet. It feels like being called a mermaid or a griffin or something.” — Paris Review - The Art of Memoir No. 1, Mary Karr (via leopoldgursky)

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May 16

alone in May

It was a day for loving,
where the sun apologized
for not leaving a note

and you know you’ll take it back
because you can absolve
someone for leaving in December,

but being alone in May
is preposterous.

May 09

When will the birds stop singing?

The land has been sold.
Trees chopped.

An Asian Pear cut down at the knees
in the name of a patio.

When will the birds stop singing
unable to carry on without the tongues
of their mother?

Apr 18

Do you know why the moon can’t come out tonight?

It’s 3am,
do you know where
your sleeping pills are?

Do you know
why the moon can’t come
out tonight?

If it were up to me,
I’d’ve had a newer, brighter moon
in the sky ages ago.

Complacency grows like barnacles
where the tide doesn’t look,
but still expects to see.

Mar 31

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Mar 29

True Life: I'm too tired and the internet is too interesting to read a book tonight -



This is the part of the program where I admit it’s taking me entirely too long to finish a book. I’ve had 3 flights and 2 substantial car rides to cover 500 pages and IT’S. JUST. NOT. HAPPENING.

The worst part? Telegraph Avenue a great book. The language is knowledgeable, hip, and rife…

Etymology: Funambulist -


The first time I came across “funambulist” I was really hoping it was the formal name of the guy who shows up at your birthday party to tie balloon animals.


I was wrong, but still impressed that it’s the name for a tightrope-walking daredevil (something we discourage you from incorporating…

“I want all my secrets back” — six word story (via guy)

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