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All poetry, unless otherwise noted, is the original work of Jack B. Neary.


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Lance Armstrong, I forgive you

I had heroes before you
went and did that, heroes

unvisited by darkness
valiant in their routine

magic in their being and their being there,
I only saw them during the day.

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I was once a linebacker-sized eighteen-year-old, too. What I knew then, what black people have been required to know, is that there are few things more dangerous than the perception that one is a danger.
Jelani Cobb on Ferguson. (via newyorker)

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Indigo child

Indigo child,
what can I tell you,

we had a lot to work with
and we poured most of it down

the drain. I’m sorry for what we’ve done,
what we haven’t.

If it’s too late, I don’t need my money back,
but I thought you could come take a look.

Would you like to be alone,
you and your earth?

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Playas gonna play.


A rejected draft of an illustration I did last year for the Corey Doctorow book “Little Brother”, an Orwellian look at a near-future America, in which teens are forced to rebel against a violent police state. #ferguson #policestate #handsupdontshoot #coreydoctorow #littlebrother

Too real.


A rejected draft of an illustration I did last year for the Corey Doctorow book “Little Brother”, an Orwellian look at a near-future America, in which teens are forced to rebel against a violent police state. #ferguson #policestate #handsupdontshoot #coreydoctorow #littlebrother

Too real.

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The Peach Kings - Mojo Thunder animated by benjybrooke

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Give the Short Story Another Shot


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of the mother

Isn’t that the duty
of the mother,

to fill you
with her own life,

enough to get you
from her world to the next,

the first faint thump
not the only time

you’ll impersonate her.

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